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Alternative Fashion Accessories

Do you love expressing the inner you in a unique, out-of-the-ordinary way? If your answer is yes, you’re probably into alternative fashion. Join the club!

No alternative look is complete without the right alt-fashion accessories. It’s the extras that make an outfit extra. They add that finishing touch to your overall look.

Alternative fashion accessories are also a great way to get into alt-style for the first time or transform a bland outfit into something special. No matter how you use unusual accessories, they level up your fashion-game.

You do you
Let’s face it, everyday fashion is a little unimaginative. Fortunately, there are plenty of inspiring alt-fashion looks to play around with and an almost endless array of accessories to match. Whether it’s Gothic, Boho, Retro Vintage, Emo, Festival, Hippie, Scene, Country or Kawaii, there’s an alt-look for everyone and it’s the accessories that help pull everything together.

At Quirkz, we have a passion for edgy accessories. In our to-die-for collection, you’ll find all the alternative extras to create your own special vibe, including:

Hair accessories – forget plain, boring, unimaginative hair accessories. Get some alt-style on your head with kawaii cat ears, hippie flower crowns, crazy hair colour dyes, boho head bands and more

Jewellery – go wild and get a complete set of alt-jewellery or choose just one jaw-dropping item (if you can!). Quirkz has got an amazing collection in all your favourite alt-fashion styles.

Bags – bag that alt-style with something from Quirkz’s awesome bag, purse and bag accessories range

Festival wear – festivals are an occasion to go all out with your alternative style. You can make that happen by dressing up in fun festival wear accessories. From glasses to lashes, nipple covers and more, feel free to go over the top when you put together your ultimate festival outfit.

Hosiery- the thing about alt-fashion is that you can experiment with just one accessory or get the complete alt-look from top to toe – literally. Fishnets, gloves and socks add that something extra to a variety of themes and genres.

Ties – fun, eye-catching, novelty bow ties and neck ties always add humour to an outfit. They also make fantastic gifts for non-conforming friends and family.

Are you ready to smack conventional fashion in the eye? Check out the incredibly cool alternative fashion accessories at Quirkz now. Whatever alt-look you’re into, you’re sure to find the perfect item. And remember, there’s only one you. Be as badass as you dare!